Virtual Church Instructions

On Sunday we will be using a novel, and the Lord willing, short-lived approach to "gathering" for worship. We will be using a platform called Google Meets, which is essentially a multi-person video call. I have used this couple of times in recent weeks with Civil Air Patrol and the other pastors in our circuit.

How it works:

Everyone will click a link or call in to a number and entering a PIN. If you are in a browser, you will open Google Meets directly in your browser and be automatically connected. You might need to wait for me to "accept" your request to join. If you are on a smartphone, you will be invited to download the Google Meet app, if you do not have it already on your phone.

Once you are in the call, you will be able to visit with everyone who is already on the call. When the time comes for the service to begin, I will mute everyone. One of the drawbacks with video conferencing is the audio is not always in sync, so it is really confusing if we all trying speaking in unison. My family will speak the parts of the congregation, you can join in with them.

Hymns and the liturgy will be displayed on the screen. We will be using spoken Matins. If you have Lutheran Service Builder, you can follow along in the hymn book. Ryan will play the melody line of the hymns on piano.

After the service, we will take a 5 or 10 minute break and then have BIble study. At this point, everyone can unmute themselves and visit. We can also interact for the Bible Study. Handouts for the Bible study will be posted on the website for you to download and print out sometime on Saturday.

How to get the link and phone number:

1st Way

I will send out a personal invite. The invite will be in the form of a calendar event that includes the link for the day.

2nd Way

If you have Google Calendar add the Calendar here: Triune God Virtual Church Calendar

Open the event and click on the link for Google Meets.

3rd Way

Go to the Service of the Word -- online page of our website:

Please e-mail Pastor Sabol at if you have any questions or problems